About cooper & ella

Chic, unfussy, and affordable, cooper & ella was founded as an answer to every woman’s need for the perfect blouse—that key to unlocking her wardrobe. She may have already splurged on new leather pants or owns the ideal jeans. Now, she needs to put her look together with the right top. Preferably one that won’t break the bank.

There is something new and free-spirited in cooper & ella designs. They are timeless yet of the moment, vintage-inspired yet modern and never overdone. Expert craftsmanship and attention to detail make our blouses a go-to staple among women who understand the difference between fashion and trends. Our customers know that these tops let them look and feel confident whether sitting at a desk or out on a date.

cooper & ella blouses do not define a woman, but refine her look with ease and sophistication. 

Who is Kara?

Calvin Klein. Michael Kors. Marc Jacobs. Thakoon. These names aren’t just titans of the fashion industry, they are Kara Mendelsohn’s former employers.

After two decades of sales, merchandising, traveling the world, working with top stores and designers to grow brands, Kara launched the company that would end her hunt for the perfect blouse. It’s the one that she could never find: a stylish transition piece that would move through her day, from dropping the kids at school to meetings with clients and maybe even dinner with her husband. And it had to be affordable.

That company, cooper & ella, is named for her two children, now six and eight. She resides with her family in New York.